Is Brazil The Next Big Market For Daily Fantasy Sports?

daily fantasy football in brazil

Brazil, the beautiful land of football (soccer), could be the next big market for daily fantasy sports, boasting a huge base of fantasy football fans and a country that eats, drinks, breathes football. Just hot from winning the gold medal in Rio 2016 Olympics, Brazil has certainly cemented itself as the ultimate football powerhouse of the world, having won multiple prestigious global football tournaments – World Cup, Confederations Cup, Copa America and now Olympic gold medal. It also has a recognizable size of fantasy football enthusiasts where Cartola FC, a season-long fantasy football website owns about 3 million registered users.

There’s always a certain believe in the fantasy sports industry that any sport can be fantasized, as long there’s a commendable pool of fans for a particular sport. Brazil could prove this theory to be true, with its 200 million population where virtually everyone is a fan of football and Cartola FC record number of users. The next step of evolution for fantasy sports in Brazil could be the introduction of daily fantasy genre into the mix. FanDuel founder Nigel Eccles, once stated that 15 percent of FanDuel’s new players never played season-long fantasy sports. Which means that 85 percent of his users are the typical season-long fantasy sport participants. If you see where I’m coming from, then you should be able to foresee that Brazil is the next lucrative market for daily fantasy sports (DFS) to thrive. Some call this a blue ocean (red ocean means a market that is saturated with competitors, such as the U.S, while blue is still new) for fantasy sport. Whatever you might call it, perhaps running a daily fantasy business for Brazilian market could be your calling.

All you have to do to start is to either build your own fantasy sport software from scratch or purchase a ready-made white-label daily fantasy software which saves you incredible amount of time to launch. We’re talking about savings of months of work, from 4 months to merely 1 week. That’s the record that we have achieved in launching our fantasy site with our white label script. There are different DFS software providers out there and prices vary incredibly. We’re proud to know that our fee is one of the most cost effective of all, starting from only $4,900.

Having a website is just half of the picture. The other half involves marketing and promotion which demands some amount of cash to spend. But effective marketing via social media could save a great deal of your investment and compounding it with efficient affiliation or partnership marketing, your new DFS business could be the next DraftKings of Brazil.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can start your daily fantasy sport business, we would love to share all our knowledge with you. Remember, golden opportunity waits for no man. Act now and good luck in your fantasy sports venture.