Difference Between Daily Fantasy and Seasonal Fantasy Sports

difference between seasonal fantasy and daily fantasy

For the uninformed people of fantasy sports, you might have heard about this hot new genre called daily fantasy sports. I’ve been combing the Internet, and I can’t seem to find a simple explanation on the difference between daily fantasy sports and the seasonal one. So, here’s a simple table to illustrate the difference among the two.

Seasonal Fantasy Daily Fantasy
Gameplay Draft your fantasy (virtual) team consisting of a number of players from a single sport. Earn fantasy points from their stats (goals, touchdowns, rebounds, etc). Highest accumulated fantasy points wins Similar to seasonal fantasy
Duration The entire season Daily or weekly
What is at stake Mainly pride Money. Everyone that joins a daily fantasy contest (league) has to put in an equal amount of money and if their team wins, they win the pool of money
How many fantasy teams per user Typically one, but you can also join more than one. It takes a lot of effort and time to manage multiple fantasy teams for the entire season. Typically more than one since the motivation is to win money so the more contests you join, the more chance you can win